At the Feeling bar in Rome, formal ban on talking about the Covid

Rome (AFP) - The message is clear and sits above the counter: "No talking about the coronavirus".In this small bar in Rome, the boss has decided to give her customers a little "serenity" by forcing them to stop talking about this omnipresent and anxiety-provoking subject.

"We have been talking about the same thing for months, so we have chosen to lighten the atmosphere by facing the situation with a smile and a little serenity and lightness", explains to AFP Cristina Mattioli, the manager of Feeling, installed in front of her coffee machine.

Hard hit, Italy, the first European country affected by the coronavirus, has recorded more than 1.3 million cases since the start of the pandemic and nearly 48,000 deaths.

To help her clients, Cristina installed another sign to suggest "Ideas for conversation topics: news, life of famous people, history, general knowledge".

"It is absolutely not denial or denying the existence of the current situation, it is just a way to find a little serenity", wishes to underline this 35-year-old woman, dynamic and well in her sneakers.

Bruna Piazza, a regular come to buy lotto tickets, is delighted with this initiative: "We are fed up with talking about the Covid, wherever we go, we only talk about that".

"I want to talk about everything except that, I prefer to talk about the weather, about celebrities ...", adds this 58-year-old woman, readjusting her mask.

Cristina, who works between the small tables set up both inside and outside, confirms that "her customers have reacted positively": "It made them laugh at first.+ We like it , at least we forget a little the situation we are living +, they told us ".

Posted Date: 2020-11-27

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