Lightning Interviews With The Regulars: Jeff

Interviewer:Okay, so first off just let us know your name, how you ended up here, and kind of what you do in Rapid.”

Jeff: “The name is Jeff, I ended up in Rapid when my wife and I both got jobs out here, and I work at the School of Mines as their Director of Institutional Research."

After the original interview, we asked Jeff what exactly that title entails as far as day to day work, and he said it means he organizes a lot of the research and stats they do on campus.

Interviewer: “Wow, that sounds really smart.”

Interviewer: “What is your go to drink here at Revel? I mean, we know your original was the Cubano, but we know there’s a couple other ones you like to get.”

Jeff: "Yeah, you’re right! Usually I’ll have a Cubano, but if the feature looks good I’ll run with that.”

Interviewer: “Always a breve though, right?”

Jeff: “Yep, always a breve!”

Interviewer: “How do you feel about the weather here? Are you more of a summer or a snow guy?”

Jeff: “Uhmmmmm….is there a way to get the snow without the cold? I’ll go that route.”

Interviewer: “If you wrote an auto-biography, it would be called…?”
Jeff: “…………..”

Interviewer: “I know, that’s a hard one isn’t it….”

Jeff: *Ponders another minute* “What The Heck Just Happened!!!”

Interviewer: “Hahahaha that’s perfect! I think that would work for mine too.”

Interviewer: “If you started your own business, what would it be?
Jeff: “Well, I’ve looked at educational consulting recently for higher end software, mostly because it’s something I’m good at and ties into a lot of the math background that I have.”

Interviewer: *Completely silent because Jeff is on another level. Decides to move on to the next question so as not to look dumb.*

Interviewer: “Okay, lat thing. This one is pretty painless! What is one thing you will always feel passionate about?”

Jeff: “Video Games.”

Interviewer: “Oh wow, I love that answer. So what games do you typically play?”

Jeff: “I play a lot of PC games, mostly strategy ones like Civilization and stuff like that. But I used to do A LOT of Call of Duty back when it was like Modern Warfare One.”

kayleigh dixon