A Lightning Interview With A Drink Inspiration: Carmen

Interviewer:What’s your go to drink here at Revel Coffee House?”

Carmen: “I would have to say the cortado!”

Side Note: (The cortado is a simple, yet classic espresso drink consisting of equal parts espresso and steamed milk. Definitely not a drink for the faint of heart, as it’s very strong.)

Interviewer: “What is your favorite pass-time here in Rapid City?”

Carmen: “Honestly? I really just love the local coffee shop culture here! I think each shop here in town has such [unique and] amazing personalities, and each store has it’s own thing going on. And you know each of the employees at the shops are so fun and kind! It just feels like a really great community!”

Interviewer: “What’s your favorite season?”

Carmen: “FALL.'“

Interviewer: “Fall? Hands down?”

Carmen: “Oh yes, hands down, 100% Fall.”

Interviewer: “Why? Any specific reason or childhood memories?”

Carmen: “Well, it would be a tie between the leaves changing because I love seasonal colors and Halloween. I love Halloween. The neighborhood I used to live in as a kid no one trick or treated, but after we moved to a different neighborhood we would get hundreds of trick or treaters every Halloween! It was so much fun to see so many people walking past our house with their kids and see all the fun costumes because everyone had such a good time! It’s just one of those rare times where an entire community could be in a good mood. It’s candy and community and everyone feels so much closer on that day!”

Interviewer: “If you wrote an auto-biography, it would be called…?”
Carmen: “Interesting People I've Met Online!”

Interviewer: “In another life, you would be…"

Carmen: “In another life I think I’d be a cow…”

Interviewer: *Surprised and amused* “A Cow? What?”

Carmen: “No, I don’t know…When I was in elementary school (in Wisconsin) we used to visit a dairy farm every year, you know, because it’s Wisconsin. It was mandatory to go, but I always got along really well with the cows, even the ones that were really shy around other people would nuzzle my hands. They’re just sweet creatures, but they’re so weird and fun!”

Interviewer: “That’s amazing, I love it.”

Interviewer: “Almost last question…. If you started your own business, what would it be?
Carmen: “Ugh…you know, the shop that I’ve worked at the longest was a coffee shop and used book store. I really loved that combination of things! It was a strange but good businesses model and I think if I owned my own shop it would be something like that.”

Interviewer: “One thing you will always have a strong opinion about.”

Carmen: “You know, coffee. I’ve spent a lot of time working in coffee shops and being a customer in coffee shops and I’ve learned that there really is a drink out there for everyone. I’m always pumped to find a drink for people that they enjoy!”


Interviewer: “What drink is named after you and what’s the story behind it?”

Carmen: “The Carmen"‘s French Toast!

When I worked here, I got my inspiration for that from a previous coffee shop I worked at. They had a seasonal French Toast steamer one Winter, which had totally different flavor combinations than Revel’s drink, but I remembered how tasty it was. One of the other employees here wasn't a big coffee drinker yet, so I wanted to replicate it for her to try. I like this combination of flavors a lot better, though!”

Side Note: Here at Revel, we use equal parts Maple and Carmel syrup and a dash of cinnamon to give that yummy French Toast taste you’ll find in the Carmen’s French Toast. We’re proud to have had such a creative employee. Her name lives on at Revel in a beloved latte.

kayleigh dixon